Tactile Display H/W
Based on multilevel braille, braille and braille are output in real time within 0.3 seconds.
Tactile Input Device H/W
Braille pin comprising braille and braille images, are sticked by hand and recognized by devices.
Braille Operation
System S/W
Android OS controlled by the Braille keyboard and output informations are translated into voices, braille and braille images.
Braille Teacher Bot
The technologies of braille and braille image education for the visually impaired are delivered.
Automatic Braille
Translation Technology
Various languages are translated into the braille and also reverse translations are possible.
Automatic Braille Image Translation Technology
Diverse images including landscapes are automatically rendered into braille images.
The world's first blind-only Tablet PC to print Braille and Braille drawings in real time, along with various applications such as editing documents, the Internet and games, as well as input and output devices for a Braille input and a Tactile Display.
Key Technology: #Tactile Display H/W, #Braille Operating System S/W #Automatic Braille(reverse) Translation S/W
The first self supporting braille/braille image education machine in the world helping the visually impaired learn the braille and braille images by AI braille teacher bot's study guides
Key Technology: #Braille Teacher Bot Technology, #Tactile Input Device H/W, #Braille Operating System S/W
The contents of presentation program such as PowerPoint and Keynote are generated into blind-only contents consisting of braille and braille images
Key Technology: #Braille Operation System S/W
  • 2019.03

    • Completed the research and development of the Tactile Pro.
    • Completed the research and development of the Tactile Edu.
  • 2017

    • A Study and Development of Tactile Edu Completed the development of a prototype of the Braille Content Author.
  • 2016

    • A Study and Development of Tactile Pro
  • 2015

    • A Study and Development of the Braille Content Authorization Model
  • 2013

    • Braille Operating System R&D
    • Automatic Braille Image Translation SW Enhancement
  • 2010

    • High resolution tactile display HW research and development.
    • Braille contents authoring SW research and development.
    • Automatic braille (reverse) translation SW research and development.
    • Automatic braille image translation SW research and development.
  • 2008

    • Low Resolution Tactile Display HW R&D

Jungil Jung


Chief Executive Officer

Founder and integrator of PCT corporation and also core developer of PCT's products with keen analysis and insights.

Jinsoo Cho


Chief Technology Officer

Technical director responsible for the technology of PCT' products with innovative skills and superior knowledge.

Hobin Lee


Chief Marketing Officer

A results-driven marketing executive with extensive global marketing experience.

Jaeyoon Kang


Design Project Management

Responsible for branding/UX/Product design strategy for all phases of PCT's products development.

Jehan Lee


Research & Development

Responsible for web and server developing with excellent problem solving skills.

Young-Seok Seo


Research & Development

Responsible for software development with extensive knowledge of programming and outstanding problem solving skills.

Euijin Ahn


Research & Development

Software developer handling complex problems and meet project requirements.


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Valley, 42, Changeop-ro , Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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